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How to Tighten Your Vag Fast

Sexual satisfaction plays an important role in building a strong and long lasting relationship. But a loose vagina is not good for a healthy relationship because you won’t be able to fully satisfy your partner with a loose vagina. A loose vagina doesn’t generate enough friction required for maximum pleasure during intercourse. As a result of this, your partner is left unsatisfied.  He might cheat you to quench his thirst for sex. This can create trouble for you and destroy your married life.  There are many reasons which make vagina loose. Giving birth to child via normal delivery, aging, frequent sex, obesity or hormonal changes might be some of those reasons. There are many natural and effective ways to tighten a loose vagina. Some of those have been discussed below: – 

  1. Vaginal Exercises: – Doing vaginal exercises is one of the effective ways to tighten your vagina. Your vagina is made of muscles and kegel exercises make it stronger and firmer. By doing these exercises, your pelvic floor muscle gets stronger which results in a tighter vagina. To do kegel exercises, first you need to find your pelvic muscle which can be easily identified by stopping your urine flow. Once you have identified this muscle, the next step is to contract this muscle for ten seconds and then release it. Do this at least five times each day. Your vagina will begin to regain its lost firmness within few weeks.
  1. Use Vinegar: – Vinegar can be used to make vagina tighter and elastic. Vinegar contains active elements which help in restoring firmness of vagina walls. The best way to use it is to add it into your lukewarm bathing water in a bathtub. Then, sit in this water for about ten to fifteen minutes. This is how you can use it for vagina tightening purpose. Moreover, this keeps your vagina fresh and infection-free.
  1. Aloe Vera Gel: – Aloe vera gel is another home remedy for contracting your vagina walls. For this purpose, take a leaf of aloe vera and take out its gel by peeling it. Now apply this gel daily to the inner and outer parts of your vagina using your fingers. It helps in reshaping vagina walls and prevents their prolapse. Aloe vera has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties which is good for vagina.
  1. Indian Gooseberry: – Amla is fruit which is being used for curing hair and skin problems since the ancient times. It is also very effective in narrowing the vagina cave. For preparing its healing solution, first boil some gooseberries in water until their fruit extract gets fully dissolved in the water. This will form an opaque solution. Let this solution cool down. Now take this gooseberries solution and apply it to your vaginal cavity and the area around it. This should be done before taking a bath. This, if done regularly, increases the tightness and elasticity of vagina.
  1. Curcuma Comosa: – Curcuma comosa is another natural remedy which looks like ginger. It is rich in phytoestrogens which are very similar in working to that of female hormone estrogen. Eating it daily is good for repairing vagina walls and restoring them to their previous tighter condition.
  1. Vaginal Cones: – Vaginal cones are also being used to strengthen vaginal walls now a days. These cones are similar in shape but different in weights. You have to hold a cone using your vagina walls for about 12 minutes. You have to start with the lightest cone first. If you’re able to hold it for the required time period, then you have to user a heavier cone the next day.
  1. V Tight Gel: – V tight gel is a vagina tightening program consisting of a gel and exercise guide. It brings your loose vagina back into its tighter and firmer shape.

V tight gel cream contains the goodness of manjakani extract, witch hazel and tannis. Manjakani keeps vagina healthy. Witch hazel helps in tightening vagina walls and kegel exercises mentioned in V tight gel program reshape vagina muscles and make them stronger. V tight gel is the bestselling V-tight program in the world till today because it comes with the goodness of both natural herbs and vagina tightening exercises.

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