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How to Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks – The 2 Week Diet Plan

Losing belly fat was never as easy as it is now a days with the advent of simple and easy to follow diet plans. The 2 week diet plan is one such diet plan which helps to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks but still it allows you to eat normal food without making drastic changes to your diet and making you starve. Such big claims are hard to believe and that is why we are reviewing the 2 week diet plan below.

Obesity is slowly becoming a big health problem in the world. Most of us are going through our lives without doing any exercise and eating unhealthy food. We are living such a busy life that we do not have the time to focus on our health. Be it men or women, being obese is equally prevalent in both the genders. Although women are more likely to be overweight. Moreover obesity puts you on higher risk of developing other diseases like high BP, diabetes, heart attack and stroke etc. It will not be an exaggeration if we say that controlling weight has become a question of life and death.

Whenever we hear about weight loss, picture of dieting, exercise, frustration and failing to follow strict lifestyle comes to our mind. To be frank, losing weight is not so easy otherwise every other guy would have done it and you wouldn’t have been reading this article.

You cannot lose weight by dint of exercise only. You will have to follow a diet plan along with a strict exercise routine if you really want to achieve results. It is a well-established fact weight loss results are best achieved when accompanied by a perfect diet plan. But choosing the right diet plan can be real challenge because there are many fake diet plans on the internet that do nothing to your body except charging you money for making your starve. And those diet plans which work, take very long time to reduce your weight which makes them practically impossible to follow. Therefore short term diet plans are being introduced in the market to deliver maximum results within shorter time span. This keeps you motivated as well.

About The 2 Week Diet Plan

2 week diet is 14 days weight loss program which makes you lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks with the help of easy to follow diet and exercise plan.  The 2 week diet plan is the brainchild of Brian Flatt who himself is a certified nutritionist. He is the owner of a gym and in this gym he teaches people how to lose excessive weight in simple yet effective way. He has compiled all the knowledge and weigh loss methods he uses in this book to help other people achieve their weight loss goals and live a healthy life. Now you don’t have to go to any gym or hire a costly trainer to reshape your body. This program is very specific about its results and that’s why they have specifically claimed that this diet plan would reduce 20 lbs in 2 weeks. In addition to this, this program makes your muscles stronger, healthy and energetic.

Why Should You Choose 2 Week Diet Plan?

Most of the people fail to lose weight because the diet plan, they follow, takes 5 to 6 months to show any results. And very few people have the patience, dedication and will power to stick to such a diet plan for nearly 6 months. They just follow the plan till few weeks and after that their motivation starts to decrease and they end up quitting.

Keeping this in mind, Brian Flatt designed a diet plan which is just 2 weeks longer. With this diet plan, you can burn fat faster and lose 20 pounds in just 2 weeks.

Contents of 2 Week Diet Plan?

2 week diet plan is a digital product which is available to download as soon as you make the payment. You will get four ebooks to download to your pc. These ebooks are the Launch Handbook, the Diet Hand book, the Activity Handbook and the Motivational Handbook. Each of these ebooks contains wealth of information required for reducing your obesity. Let’s check them.

The Launch Handbook: – This ebook explains how and why weight gain and weight loss happens in our body. It further explains why 2 week diet system makes weight loss possible and how to use it.

The Diet Handbook: – This ebook sheds light upon what kind of food you should according to your body type to trigger weight loss. Different people need to choose different diet plan. This book doesn’t make you starve. On the contrary, it tells you to maintain a healthy diet and healthy weight as well.

The Activity Handbook: – Exercise is an essential part of a good diet plan. The author of 2 week diet system understands that not everybody can go to the gym and do heavy exercise for weight loss. Therefore he has designed simple to do exercises which can be done at home in just 20 minutes.

The Motivation Handbook: – A right frame of mind is required to stick to this diet plan. Therefore this motivation handbook helps you to stay motivated to keep following the 2 week diet weight loss program.

The 2 Week Diet

Working of 2 Week Diet Plan

The 2 week diet plan adopts a holistic approach towards weight loss. It explains BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). By calculating BMR, we can find out if we are eating less or more food than required by our body. This weight loss system discusses different aspects of weight loss which can be read in detail only on purchasing the product. But to give a glimpse of it, the 2 week diet plan works in the following steps:-

Colon Cleansing: – Colon Cleansing is required for weight loss. Waste food gets stored in the colon which gives rise to various diseases. When our colon is cleansed, unnecessary weight due to waste food automatically reduces and we feel lighter.

Diet: – Our metabolism rate is regulated by the food we eat. Hence, diet is key to successful weight loss. The diet plan discussed in this system allows you to eat carbo and fat food but judiciously.

Exercise: – Exercise cannot be ignored when it comes to weight loss. The 2 week diet weight loss system does not recommend going to gym but it do recommend to do simple exercise like walking and swimming etc. These help in getting better and quicker results.

Persistence and Commitment: – 2 week diet system takes effort and time. You cannot get instant weight loss results. You need to be committed to continue following this system. The motivation handbook helps you in keeping yourself optimistic about the results.

Why 2 Week Diet Plan Is the Best Diet Plan for Quicker Weight Loss?

  1. You can customize this diet plan according to your body type,
  2. You don’t have to try any supplements,
  3. It is almost effortless and painless diet plan,
  4. Your knowledge about weight loss increases,
  5. It is the fastest weight loss diet plan,
  6. You can continue using this specially formulated diet plan as long as you wish to achieve you weight loss goals without any adverse effects,
  7. This diet plan is good for heart because it reduces cholesterol levels as well,
  8. In case, diet plan didn’t work according to your expectations, you can avail the 60 day money back guarantee,
  9. Your entire body gets reshaped,
  10. Be it men or women, anybody can use it at any age,
  11. This diet plan is written by a qualified nutritionist,
  12. Weight loss explained in laymen’s terms in this diet plan.

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You can get instant access to the 2 week diet plan by buying it from its official website. They accept visa/master card and paypal payment method.

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