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How to Get Bigger Boobs

Breasts are one of the most noticeable features in a women’s body that determine how attractive and beautiful they are. Well-shaped and voluptuous breasts make women look pretty and full of confidence. But the problem arises when they have small, saggy and unattractive boobs that put their femininity at risk. That’s why women want this part of their body to be well sized and curvaceous. There can be many reasons for under-developed boobs.  It is important to know the reasons first for this so that you can choose the right solution to get bigger boobs.

The size of your boobs depends upon three factors. And these are:-

  1. Weight: – Boobs are made of fat only. Their size increase with increase in your weight and decreases with decrease in your weight.
  2. Genetics: – Genetics which we get from our parents determine the height of our body which in turn also determines the size of your body parts and in this case your breasts.
  3. Hormones: – Estrogen hormone play a very important role in your breast growth. Any abnormality in the secretion of this hormone will result in an abnormality in your boobs size.

Below in this article, we have tried our level best to solve how to get bigger boobs problem. These are various methods and techniques which can be used to increase your breast size. Some of these are natural while others are artificial. You can easily choose the right option depending upon your affordability and convenience.

  1. Breast Enhancing Exercises: – Exercises are the most important thing when it comes to increasing your boobs size. These exercises are simple and can be done at home easily without the use of any equipment. These chest exercises are effective in increasing breast size because these make your chest muscles stronger and boobs uplifted. Some easy and effective exercises are given below:-
  • Chest Press: – It is the most popular chest exercise for building and increasing breast muscles. It can be done easily without anybody’s help. For this exercise, you will need a pair of dumbbells and a table.
  • Push ups: – Push ups are another effective way for getting bigger boobs. Doing it regularly will strengthen your triceps and the pectoral muscle.
  • Wall Press: – It is the same exercise as push ups. The only difference is that in this exercise you are standing and pressing against the wall. Watch the video below to know how to do a self-breast message.
  1. Fat And Estrogen Enriched Food: – Firstly; since the breast boobs are composed of fat tissues, you should eat fatty food to increase fat in your body. Examples of fatty foods are olives, avacados, nuts, eggs, fish and soyabeans etc. Secondly, estrogen is the hormone which controls the growth of your boobs. Higher amount of estrogen leads to growth of feminine characteristics in women. Therefore eating estrogenic food will help in increasing the size of your breast naturally. Some of estrogen rich foods are cherries, papayas, eggs, oats, carrots and pomegranates etc.
  2. Massage with Breast Enhancement Creams: – Massage is another easy yet effective way to trigger boobs growth. It is the faster way for increasing breast size in short time period. Regular message toughens the boobs tissues and increases blood circulation in the breast region. Moreover it protects you from breast cancer also.

First of all, select a good breast enhancement cream that really works. Make sure to read reviews about the cream you choose before buying. After you have selected the cream, now is the time for massage. There are various ways to do a breast massage but swirling motion and rolling motion techniques are the best. A more detailed videos of these massage techniques can be watched on our

  1. Breast Enlargement Supplements: – Taking breast enhancement supplements is another good option for breast enlargement. The key point here is to choose the right supplement which must be effective, natural and side effects free. There is no shortage of such products in the market. You will find many breast enhancement supplements which will claim to increase breast size but you will have to very careful in choosing the right one. You must know about its ingredients and working. You must also read its reviews left by its users. One such breast enhancement supplement is Breast Actives which we recommend to most our users. Breast Actives
  1. Posture: – Believe it or not but the way you walk, the way you stand up and the way you sit affects the size of your breasts. Your boobs appear smaller when you slouch. When you maintain a good posture while walking, standing and sitting, your boobs appear big and lifted. By good posture, we mean standing and sitting straight with your spine straight and shoulders drawn backwards. Standing in front of the mirror for correcting your posture will help you a lot.
  1. Breast Enhancement Pumps: – Breast enhancement pumps are also good at increasing your boobs size. You will get to see instant swelling in your boobs as well but it will disappear in few hours. And after that, your boobs will return to their normal size. In short, these pumps give temporary results.

One such breast enhancement pump is Noogleberry Breast Enhancement Pump which is can be bought from You will have to use it for 15-30 minutes a day. If you want permanent increase in breast size then you will have to use it for at least five months to for getting the desired results.breast enhancement pump


  1. Right Sized Bra: – Wearing a higher size bra than your cup size actually makes your boobs look smaller than their normal size. This happens because a loose size bra will allow your boobs to sag. Similarly, a small sized bra also makes your boobs appear smaller than their actual size. While on the contrary, a right sized bra properly which fits your cup size will make your boobs appear bigger, firmer and lifted.
  1. Padded Bra: – You can also choose to wear a padded bra. A padded bra makes your boobs appear larger. But be careful while choosing on such bra because an overly padded bra can increase your breasts size by 2 times which will make them appear unnatural and ugly. This might embarrass you in front of others.
  1. Maintain Healthy Weight: – As mentioned above, your weight affects your boobs size. A slim waist makes your boobs appear bigger and curvy. Therefore it is very important to maintain a healthy weight for a healthy life and right breast size. To achieve this, always try to eat balanced and healthy food and don’t forget to exercise daily.
  1. Be Patient: – If you haven’t crossed the age of puberty and are still in your teens, then you must wait for your body to fully grow on its own. Don’t be impatient. Our body parts keep increasing their size throughout the life. You can increase your breast size at any age but you cannot grow them overnight. Just wait for the right age to use any of the above mentioned methods.
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