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Best Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast – Top 3 Reviews

When it comes to choosing the best diet to lose weight, people often get confused because there are a number of options available for them. As a result of this confusion, they either end up doing nothing or choose the wrong diet plan that doesn’t work. In this post, we have tried to help you by reviewing the best 3 weight loss diet plans that work fast. You can choose any one of these 3 diet plans that you think is the right one for you.

But the important thing is that you must take action now if you are really serious about your health. Obesity affects your health adversely. If you keep postponing your decision to buy a diet plan to lose weight, you are taking the risk of getting a heart attack or suffering from diabetes in future. Do take action after you read this review.

Nutrisystem Diet Plan: – Nutrisystem is a weight loss diet program in which you get pre-packed food at your doorstep according to the four week plan you choose. They have different plans for different dieters having different budgets. Be it men or women, vegetarian or non-vegetarian or people having type 2 diabetes, they have different plans for everyone. Nutrisystem has made weight loss very simple for everyone. Now you don’t have to waste your time and take headache of deciding what to eat and what not to eat. You do not even have to worry about how much calories you eat because all this is done by Nutrisystem for you.

Each day, Nutrisystem will send you food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert. This food is enough to satisfy your hunger. And of course, you have the option to add other vegetables foods to this diet but these items should be from the grocery list given by Nutrisystem.

Within this four week diet plan, you are not allowed to eat outside food and drink alcohol. If you do not follow their guidelines, then this diet plan will not work for you and you won’t be able to lose weight. Moreover this diet program is not for pregnant ladies and those suffering from serious diseases. Nutrisystem have 14 day trial and refund policy option. You can cancel your order anytime within 14 days but if you’re canceling it after 14 days, additional fees will be charged from you.

How Does Nutrisystem Causes Weight Loss?

Nutrisystem weight loss diet makes weight loss possible for you by doing three things. Basically, it reduces your calorie intake so that you burn more calories than you eat throughout the day. But it also makes sure that you get a nutritional diet that supplies all the essential nutrients and minerals to your body to keep you healthy at the same time. And finally this weight loss diet plan increases your frequency of eating food to six times a day to satisfy your hunger and prevent starvation. Moreover their food is tasty enough to enjoy.

Their best seller and most popular diet plan is Terbo13 which guarantees to make you lose 13lbs and 7 inches in your first month.  In Nutrisystem, you can also take help of the counselors and dieticians to achieve your weight loss goals as per your chosen plan.

Does Nutrisystem Work?

Yes, Nutrisystem helps you lose weight. They have been doing this since 1972 and that’s why they are still in the market.


Nutrisystem weight loss diet plan price depends on the plan you choose.  They have different prices for different plans. They offer core plan, basic plan, men’s plan, women’s plan, vegetarian plan etc. The worth mentioning thing is that they keep running discount offers from time to time.

2 Week Diet: – 2 week diet is 14 day weight loss diet program formulated by Brian Flatt who is a nutritionist. This weight loss diet plan claims to make you lose 16lb in just 2 weeks. And that is why it has been named the 2 week diet.  This program comes in the form of 4 pdfs and these pdfs are the launch handbook, the diet handbook, the activity handbook and the motivational handbook.  These ebooks cover everything you need to know for achieving your weight loss goal in just 2 weeks. The author of this diet plan has intentionally made it a 2 week long weight loss diet plan because he knows that it is very hard to stick to a diet plan for longer period of time if you do not see any visible results within few days. Let’s try to find out what’s inside these handbooks individually.

The Launch Handbook: – The launch ebook adds a lot to your knowledge about weight management. It helps us to understand when our body gains weight and when loses it. This ebook tells how 2 week diet system works and how it can help you too to lose weight. Moreover you will get to read many useful weight management techniques to stay healthy and in shape.

The Diet Handbook: – This ebook tells about different diet plans and how to choose the best one that works for you. The diet plan that works for one person might not work for the other person because everybody has a different type of body. Everything is in easy to understand language and simple to follow. Brian tells in this book that how you can follow a healthy diet plan without spending much that will result in losing those extra pounds.

The Activity Handbook: – Along with following a diet plan, if you do some sort of physical activity to burn fat than losing weight will be much easier and faster. The exercises mentioned in this book are very easy and can be done at home. You only need to do 20 minutes exercises for 3 to 4 days in a week.

The Motivation Handbook: – Weight loss cannot happen overnight. You will have to keep making efforts and stick to your diet plan for getting results. And this requires motivation. This ebook is all about keeping you motivated so that you do not lose your self control and quit the diet plan in the middle without getting any results.

Science behind 2 Week Diet Working

You gain weight because your body is unable to fully utilize the nutrition and energy you get by the food you eat.  Everybody has a different metabolism rate and you eat food without taking it into consideration. Once you know your metabolism rate, you can eat food according to it and get it fully consumed within the body without it getting stored as an extra fat. Our BMR or basal metabolic rate tells our how much calorie we need daily. The 2 week diet helps us in calculating our metabolic rate with the help of which we can find out if we are eating less or more calories. Secondly, 2 week weight loss diet plan lays stress on colon cleansing.  Over the period of time, fat, waste food and toxins get stored in our colon resulting in weight gain and various other health problems. This weight loss diet plan tells us how we can cleanse our colon and bring our belly back in shape. In addition to this, you also get to learn some easy to do fun exercises which can be done at home in just 20 minutes.

Should You Try 2 Week Diet Weight Loss System?

Absolutely, you must give it a try. It is one of the best weight loss diet plans in the market today. It has worked for many people and it will work for you as well. If you want to slim down then 2 week diet is for you.


2 week diet plan costs $37 only. You have to pay it once and as soon as you pay, you get access to 2 week diet material online which you can download to your pc or mobile.

Thin From Within Diet: – Thin from within is another best weight loss diet program that works fast. It has been especially made for women only who want to reshape their body to look slim, thin and healthy.  This weight loss diet program is available in the form of a book. You can download its soft copy to your pc or mobile. You can also choose a hard copy along with the soft copy which will be delivered to your address. But for this you’ll have to pay shipping charges extra. This weight loss program has been prepared by Brad Pilon who himself is an expert in women’s health. Along with losing weight, you will get to learn a lot about weight loss which will help you to stay healthy and in shape for the rest of your life. Once you bought this weight loss system, you will never need to buy any other weight loss program in your life. You’re bound to get results in this weight loss program.

How Thin From Within Helps in Weight Loss?

This weight loss diet plan is based on keto diet. A ketogenic diet is one of the best diet plans to lose weight fast. A keto diet virtually removes carbohydrates from your body. And in this situation, your body starts using fat and ketones for energy. The fat stored in your body parts starts to diminish making you thin. And this is how you get weight loss results faster.


Its price has been kept low on purpose so that most of the women can benefit from this weight loss program.  It is being sold at $37 at the time of writing this review.

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