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Best Detox Tea for Weight Loss – Top 5 Slimming Teas Reviewed

Do you want to lose weight naturally without going to gym and without doing any dieting, then detox teas for weight loss are the right options for you. Detox teas are tasty and healthy. You can easily buy them and brew them. Various naturally cleansing herbs, roots, flowers and tea leaves are used in preparing detox teas. And due to this reason, these are very good in removing toxins, improving digestion and causing weight loss. Another advantages of drinking detox teas are that your immunity improves, your stress goes down. These teas have naturally cleansing properties which make you feel lighter, refreshed and energetic. That’s why detox teas are getting popular now a days.

With the passage of time, our body accumulates various types of toxins in the body due to polluted air and food. These toxins put adverse effects on our metabolism, liver and immunity. This gives rise to chronic diseases like constipation, tiredness and other stomach related problems. Detox teas neutralize the adverse effects of these toxins by cleaning the colon, improving immunity and burning extra fat.

One of the main jobs of detox tea is to clean the colon. In colon cleansing, accumulated toxins and waste food moves out of the body. This makes sure that vital nutrients are absorbed easily. A toxin free colon triggers weight loss and increases body’s ability to fight stress, diseases and infections.

Why Detox Tea Is Required for Weight Loss?

Ineffective digestive and urinary system often fails to completely flush out waste food from the body.  This waste makes you feel heavy and tired. Moreover these reduces body’s ability to work properly and efficiently.

Any weight loss program will not work completely until you get rid of this garbage. This is where detox teas (slimming teas) can help you to completely detoxify your body and dispense with these stored toxins.

Will Detox Tea Work?

Yes, detox teas or slimming teas do work provided you keep certain things in mind while choosing the best detox tea for weight loss. Firstly you must try to buy them from their official website. Secondly, it should be organic, free from gluten, chemical free and must not contain artificial flavour and sweeteners.

Thirdly, you must use it as directed and abstain from eating oily and non-veg foods. Side by side, you must follow a healthy lifestyle and cultivate healthy habits like exercising daily, drinking enough water and avoid high carb foods.

How to Choose the Best Detox Tea for Weight Loss?

First of all, you must not depend on slimming teas completely for weight loss. It should be a small part of your weight loss management. In addition to this, you must do exercise and eat a proper weight loss diet for achieving your weight loss goals.

Coming back to the question, try 3 to 5 different detox teas. In this way, you can find which one you’re liking and which one is working for you.

Top 10 best detox teas for weight loss have been reviewed below. These are affordable and healthy. Just select which ones work for you.

5 Best Detox Teas for Weight Loss

  1. Red Detox Tea: – Red detox tea is a complete detox program in which you get a red tea recipe and a guide written by Elizabeth Swann Miller. Red detox tea is an ancient herbal tea which is used by the tribes in Africa to cause weight loss and curb hunger. It has detoxification properties which makes your body clean off toxins naturally and safely. It is an all in one tea for men and women which rectifies metabolism and causes fat burning.

The Red Tea Detox

  1. Does not contain caffeine,
  2. Controls appetite,
  3. strengthens immunity,
  4. Prompts weight loss and detox,
  5. Betters your mood and keeps your satisfied.

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  1. Yogi Detox Tea: – Yogi Detox tea is a detoxifying formula tea which triggers detoxification by improving liver and kidney functions. Burdock, dandelion and juniper berry are its main ingredients. It tastes spicy which makes it palatable although some might not like it. It is advised to take 2 to 3 cups of this tea daily for one month for better results.yogi detox tea

Benefits: –

  1. Caffeine and gluten free,
  2. Cleanses and detoxes,
  3. Assists in fat burning,
  4. Cures bloating,
  5. Does not let you feel appetite.

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  1. Total Tea Gentle Detox: – If you are looking for a good laxative tea then Total tea gentle detox tea should be your first choice. It works by increasing your bowel movements. Therefore, initially you might have to answer nature’s call several times to clean your colon. But after few days, it won’t be a problem as your colon will be clean. It is the bestselling detox tea on Amazon. Some of its ingredients are papaya, ginger, hibiscus, senna and rosehips. Senna is the ingredient which acts as a laxative.  It gives minty taste making you feel refreshed.  It comes in the form of tea bags. Its one cup (1 tea bag) per day is recommended.

total tea

Benefits: –

  1. Stress and fatigue killer,
  2. Acts as anti-inflammatory and immunity booster,
  3. Improves digestion,
  4. Relieves bloating,
  5. Chemical free,
  6. Eliminates fat.

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  1. Baetea 14 Day Detox Tea: – Do you want to lose weight without bearing any uncomfortable laxative effect of detox teas? Then Baetea is the best tea for you. It is one of the best detox teas for fat burning. It contains powerful ingredients like pomegranate, ginger root, lemon juice, hibiscus flower and green tea leaves. Its sweet and tangy flavour makes it tasty. One thing that you must know is that it is not caffeine free.

baetea detox for weight loss

Benefits: –

  1. It has antioxidant properties,
  2. Reduces urge to eat food,
  3. Speeds up metabolism,
  4. No bloating and irritation,
  5. Acts as a refresher.

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  1. Green Root Detox Tea: – Green root tea claims to detox your body in 14 days. It is an organic tea consisting of green tea leaves, cacao, orange peel, cinnamon and ginger etc. It has palatable taste and sweet smell. Those drinking 2 to 3 cups of green root tea daily can see results within 2 weeks. It enhances immunity and health.

green detox tea for weight loss

Benefits: –

  1. Initiates weight loss,
  2. Promotes health,
  3. Affordable,
  4. Tastes good even when taken chilled,
  5. Acts as stressbuster.

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